New year, new job? 🚀

New year, new job? Here are 6 resolutions you should consider setting for your career in 2019.

With the New Year now here many are taking the opportunity to take stock of their jobs and careers, recognising all that’s been achieved in the past year and setting goals for 2019.

Questions like, “where should I go next”, “should I look for a new job”, “how can I move forward” are common at this time of year and good to ask ourselves.

As we settle back into work and gear up for a big 2019, I’d like to share 6 resolutions to set yourself up for success over the coming year.

1.       Become self-aware and realise any limiting beliefs

Self-awareness is vital when you are working towards self-improvement. Our brain's natural response is to tell ourselves we are right, and to accept the status-quo. A kind of comfort zone really. Many have preconceived ideas around job searching and career change, often as a result of what their parents tell them, what their schools teach, or from what they may have heard from the media or society in general. By becoming aware of any preconceived ideas or existing belief systems and starting to challenge them, you can begin to see job searching or career change for what it really is - a great opportunity.

2.       Be patient

Without doubt, success does not come overnight. Having aspirations is important, but keep in mind that you will need to keep working at it. The work that you do today or tomorrow may not pay off for some time, but every step you take it one closer to achieving the success you are looking for.

3.       Take responsibility

The truth is that no one is as invested in your success and the success of your career as you are. You need to take responsibility for that. No one is going to do it for you, it’s down to you. Your work experience does not dictate your opportunities moving forward, you do. Many job seekers buy into the belief that their career potential is limited to the experiences contained within their CV or resume. While your past may qualify you for certain positions, all employers are looking for achievers and performers, characteristics that apply to every job out there. Many skills are transferable. An employer will be more likely to hire you, despite a lack of relevant experience, if he or she believes you are motivated and have a great attitude.

4.       Fail forward

I used to think about things in terms of success and failure, and it’s easy to do that. Being able to recognise failures as an opportunity to learn and grow will help you to find success and happiness in your career. Failure is really just a result of you putting yourself out there, if you are not failing then it means you are not putting yourself out there enough. Keep in mind that there is a job out there where you will be wanted, needed and where you will feel happy and satisfied. In order to find it though, you will probably need to experience failure and to learn from it. Also worth noting is that you are not for everyone or every job. At the same time nor is every job and every employer for you.

5.       Make sacrifices

You may have heard the quote from Dave Ramsey, who is an author and finance expert, where he says "Live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else.” It is really applicable when it comes to careers, but a lot of people are not willing to go through the sacrifices or failures that it takes to find success. Making a sacrifice that is truly aligned with your goals should be a sacrifice you are willing to make, and it is often just for a season of your life. 

6.       Build and refresh your online presence

The New Year is a great time to refresh your online presence to ensure it aligns with your professional aspirations. Look at your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles and review them with a critical eye – do they reflect who you are and where you want to go? Contribute regularly to platforms and share your work so that you can a build a brand outside of your CV or resume.

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