How Job Seekers and Career Changers can beat burnout

Delighted to be featured in a recent Forbes article alongside none other than Richard Branson on avoiding burnout as a business owner. Many of the key points also apply to those looking to land their ideal job or career.

When you’re looking for your ideal job or the right career for you, you’ll naturally put in the hard work and effort to try to land that new role or career as quickly as you can – whatever it may be.

Without realising, burnout can sometimes sneak up on people.  We all have to take a step back at times to recharge our batteries and gain some perspective. It’s about being kind to ourselves. We can fall into the trap of treating ourselves in a tough or unforgiving way in order to reach our goals...but self-care is most important in order to be successful for the long term.

If you’re struggling at the moment in your job search or career change, it’s helpful to think back to your purpose and why you’re doing what you’re doing. It could be that you want to help people, it could be that you want to make someone proud or maybe you just want to make the best of your talents. By doing this, it really helps to gain perspective and to keep going.

Also, keep a list of your achievements – it can be all too easy to forget how far you’ve come. Even if you got to the latter stages of an interview process and didn’t get a job offer, it’s still a great achievement to get so far in a process.

I also advise my clients to take some time out, maybe with their partner, friends or family – to relax and to practice self care. It could health and fitness related, so maybe a long walk in the countryside or a trip to the gym, or maybe a change of environment to re-energise you.

Whatever you do, it’s always a good idea to get away from your phone so you can’t check emails or social media for job opportunities or application updates!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed during the day, stop and take a break - maybe go for a walk, do a meditation, have a cup of tea or coffee, etc.

It’s incredibly important to have people around you who can empathise and who you can just vent to, that will understand and not judge. Most people have not been happy in their jobs or careers at some point in their lives, so aim to find a good listener who ‘gets you’ and understands the challenges you’re facing. A problem shared is a problem halved.

In my opinion the most important part of avoiding burnout in any job search or career change is mindset. Some things just take time, and from experience patience is so important. Whether you’ve been out of work for some time, unhappy in your current role for a long time, or just ambitious to find your ideal job, most people want things to happen quickly and of course that’s natural. I used to view failures as failures. But now I view them as learning opportunities. If you can adopt this attitude in your job search or career change it will stand you in great stead.

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