CV horror stories

Happy Halloween!! As it’s that time of year I thought I’d share with you some actual CV horror stories from my time in recruitment...

- one candidate included an angry note with his CV saying how rubbish the company was... but still wanted to apply?! 😱

- one job seeker lied about being a pilot (which was not a requirement for the job!) and got found out in the interview 😈

- one candidate included ‘xenophobia’ on their list of interests... but didn’t know what it meant! D’oh! 💀

- one CV I had through was 30 pages long and written in the third person 👽

- one candidate included a photo of themselves on a rollercoaster 👹

- one job seeker used pink italic font which you could barely read 👺

- and I’ve seen countless CVs with no contact details on...! 💩

Funnily enough, none of these people got the job...

Don’t let your CV be a horror story...!

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