👻 Have you ever been GHOSTED? 👻

Delighted to be interviewed and featured in People Management's recent magazine. The article was on the topic of 'ghosting' in the workplace 👻

Ghosting is when an employee, employer or candidate suddenly cuts off all communication without explanation, leaving the other party to wonder what the hell happened! Check out the article below.

In the piece, I fight the corner of candidates by saying that those who spend hours on applications or go out of their way to attend interviews find it frustrating when they never hear back.

For companies to avoid a vicious circle and being ghosted by candidates, they do need to treat every applicant with the respect they deserve.

Some other important points to note if you are reading this as a job seeker;

  • Usually ghosting is not intentional on an employers side, I would estimate 9 times out of 10 this is the case. But this is where most ghosting happens and it’s easy for candidates to assume it’s intentional. One of the biggest frustrations I hear from the people I coach through my business, With Chris Kelly, is that they invest loads of time into an application, and don’t hear back. Not even a rejection note or email.

  • At some of the bigger companies, it’s not unusual to get hundreds, if not over a thousand applications against one role. It is estimated that Google receives over 2 million applications a year, hiring approximately 0.02% of their applicants! HR and recruitment teams struggle to cope with the demand and candidates aren’t treated with the respect they deserve. If they do hear back, it’s often an automated response.

  • Internal Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS’s) used by employers are designed with the company’s best interests at heart. These are the systems behind career sites / portals where a candidates initially applies. They rarely do the candidate any favours and this can be a big cause of frustration. Internal teams are targeted on the hires they make, not the individual experience of the candidates. It’s often lip service that is paid to the experience that candidates receive.

  • Some companies are afraid to give negative feedback, and put it off for fear of any comeback or reprisals. The best companies will always give you feedback.

  • Hiring processes are long and convoluted, with many candidates at different stages - it’s easy to forget to respond to candidates. So it really pays to be proactive and keep chasing for feedback.

  • Candidates can then start to think badly of the company – it doesn’t give a great impression and can lead to bad reviews on Glassdoor, Twitter, Indeed, etc.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, have you ever been ghosted by a company? Is it a regular occurrence?