10 of the most common CV myths

Looking to separate CV fact from CV fiction and in the process get some insight into what top companies, hiring managers and HR professionals are looking for in a CV? Here are 10 of the most common CV myths!

#1: Your CV is a place to tell your life story - no need for 'War and Peace', that is for sure! Ha 📖📖

#2: It’s a ’one size fits all’ document for every job application - sending the same CV for multiple jobs will always lead to a low number of invitations to interviews 😢 you'll not beat the software algorithms for a start 🤖

#3: All of my contact details are required on my CV - save space and only include what's needed!!

#4: You have to show constant employment - employers know that you have a life outside of work! 🏖️👶

#5: Non-paid work experience doesn’t count - it sure does! Whether it's through volunteering, internships or academia.

#6: Grades are top consideration - unless you're going for a Grad role, experience and knowledge is King 🤴

#7: You don’t need a CV anymore - even if you are referred, you will, without fail, need a CV at some point in an interview process. So better to make it as strong and relevant as possible ⭐🔑

#8: You must hit the thesaurus for action verbs - you can use the same verbs, there's no need for weird and wacky ways to describe things! 🤪

#9: Achievements should be highlighted in a separate section - keep them in your chronological career history, they will more likely be read 👍

#10: Never use colour - when used sparingly, it's a powerful differentiator and brand builder 🌈

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