What do employees really value in the workplace today?

As an employee, what do you value most in your working life?

Is it having the opportunity to progress?

Having access to the latest technology?

Having solid training and skill building to enable you to excel at your role?

Perhaps it's feeling fulfilled and having a sense of purpose in your working life, or maybe it's something else?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 👇 I was pleased to provide some thoughts to Alison Coleman for her piece in The Telegraph in the UK on what employees really value in the workplace today.

Throughout my career, the one thing that most people I have recruited and coached look for first and foremost is a good manager.

It’s usually the most common reason why someone looks to leave a company – if an individual isn’t supported or doesn’t feel like the manager has his or her back then it’s not sustainable.

Also, if a former manager rocks up at a new company and they have a good relationship with a former employee and there is trust, then it can be a really good way to start afresh and mitigate the risk of a career move going badly.

I’ve seen teams torn apart by bad management, despite individuals working for a good company overall. The art of good management is as important today, as it’s ever been, so companies really need to invest in that area.

For an employee to have the opportunity to do the best work of their careers and to feel like they have a purpose in their role, is super important, especially to ambitious millennials.

To be recognised for good work, to be rewarded without having to twist the arm of an employer and to understand how their role impacts the company and their customers is key.

Employees want to know how they can progress at a company and they want to have a clear structured path with clear objectives. They want to how a company’s vision relates to them and they want to feel a part of the company’s story.

They value equality in an organisation too, it's not good if an employee perceives a team being treated differently to his or her team. If an employee can tie their personal dreams to the success of the company, then it’s a win-win situation.

Not many companies have an 'employee value proposition', but if companies ignore this it fosters frustration and will ultimately lead to employees looking for opportunities elsewhere.

Work-life balance and flexibility is also super important now. Since the recession, there has been a big push to do more and more with less.

Many people that I speak to as a coach are overworked and have the workloads of 2 to 3 people, which for their overall well-being and mental health is not sustainable in the long term.

Having a company and manager that respects work load and work-life balance is so valued at the moment - work-related stress accounts for around for 40% of all work-related illness and presenteeism is on the rise, so finding that balance has never been more important.

Having the ability to work from home and sometimes at short notice, is much appreciated and valued especially for parents. With commute times so long for many people, having that flexibility is key.

Perks like free food and drinks, meditation rooms, table tennis tables, happy hour drinks, etc are valued, but unless the 3 points above are being mostly met then they don’t tend to mean much to employees and can actually be counter-productive.

Employees won’t care much about free drinks or a meditation room if they feel unsupported by their boss or on the brink of burn out from their workload!

Compensation and benefits are important, but employees value them almost as prerequisites these days. If the compensation and benefits aren’t up to scratch, especially in competitive job markets, then it can often be a non-starter for a potential employee.

Employers need to be careful to continually look after compensation though and avoid complacency, so regular salary reviews will help to keep employees engaged and motivated.

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