Joanne got a 10% increase on an offer from one of her target companies!

What was the problem you were having before you discovered the Love your Career program?

“I've got almost 20 years' working experience, so I assumed it should be fairly easy to land my next role. But most of my job applications were getting ignored, I suspect they got accidentally buried due to the volume of candidates applying. I had fairly good confidence to believe I qualified as a good match for each of the opportunities.”

What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve that problem?

“My frustration was at 9 out of 10 at least, as it all seemed to be out of my hands and there was little I could do about it, I wasn’t getting much traction at all.”

What was different about the Love your Career program, with Chris Kelly?

“Based on my own experience in the last few months I have to say it's got superb quality, i.e. if someone follows all instructions and continues to do the good work, it will work out almost like guaranteed, which is amazing really. 

Love your Career is a comprehensive program which covers all aspects that you can work on in order to increase the win rate. I'm particularly impressed how systematic the approach is, no matter how much experience you've got in the matter of recruitment - I acted on both sides to hire people and to be hired, you will definitely learn new things or to be reminded of things that you have overlooked value/effectiveness of.”

Take us to the moment when you realised the program was actually working to solve your problem?

“I have a few moments to share; 

1) The first one was when I saw the new version of my resume, to be honest I had already learnt a lot from free resources to present my competencies and professional experience in a fairly good manner - I had heard from some recruiters that they really enjoyed my CV. But still when I received the version after Chris' review, I could see the immediate difference. It was also very helpful with thorough review notes that Chris shared with me, he didn't only make changes to my CV, he also shared the rationale. That was, the substantial learning experience to me and everyone in a similar situation.

2) The second moment was when I noticed the SVP of a company I was interested in working for, came to view my LinkedIn profile right after I applied the tactics taught in the program. He's based in US and the effect was immediate. Although their recruitment team sent a nice note to apologise due to the headcount being put on hold, it actually proved that as long as you keep doing the right things as taught in the program, you'll get the payoff which makes you stand out against other candidates.

3)    Another one I'd like to highlight is during the offer stage. I was in a dilemma trying to negotiate my base salary, which was quite tricky as I didn't want to risk losing a job offer that I was genuinely interested in. Chris provided superb insider info which turned out to be so accurate and greatly helped me get a very good package – with his help I managed to negotiate a 10% increase from their initial first offer, which is fantastic!”

Tell us what life looks like now that your problem is solved?

“Phew, my life is back to normal now and I can enjoy the summer sunshine and breeze! We all deserve to be happy. My commitment to the program has ended up landing me a great role at one of my target companies. I'm a believer in doing what you truly enjoy, as your job significantly improves life quality and it might well also change our lives completely. Getting the right job is vital in an ever changing and demanding world, so having the right approach and techniques from the program enabled me to succeed!”

Amanda now loves her career!

"So pleased I decided to take a leap of faith and work with you, your techniques have helped me to land my ideal job and a career I love. The love your career program was a great investment and has helped me in many ways, including helping me create an amazing CV. Thanks again Chris."

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Raph made a successful career change!

“Thank you so much for the help you’ve given me in my career. I was in a really tough situation, and the insights and perspective you gave me helped me to get to where I am today. Following your formula and process helped me to take stock and I asked myself the right questions. I realised that I needed to make a change especially around my mindset and I ended up taking a sideways step, but my job satisfaction and work life balance is so much better now. I’m so glad I took a leap of faith by working with you.”

Carly’s dream job was out there!

“I will always be so grateful for the help you gave me on my employment journey, I honestly love my job and am delighted that my dream job was out there. Your methods brought the quality of my CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile up to a great standard and I can’t recommend them highly enough! If I ever need any help in the future I will know where to come.””

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